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The Starfish Prime till this day is known as the largest nuclear test conducted in outer space. The main basis of the test was to inditefy if nuclear explosions at lowest point of planet Earth's ozone layer could explain the overall distance of the planet's electromagnetic field also known as the Van Allen belt. The first reported sightings of this nuclear explosion were from the island of Hawaii. 

Nibiru, also known today as planet X, stems all the way back to ANCIENT Babylonian times. In their system of astrology planet nibiru was predicted to enter planet earth's solar system in the early 21st century causing great cataclysmic events and would require great change when it comes to the quality of life on earth.

Ever wondered where the idea black hole originated from ? It stems from the largest nuclear explosion humans could ever imagine called a supernova .This happens when the magnetic force of a star becomes too powerful for the star  within the pull of gravity it is creating. this will utimtealy result in what we call a bl

ack hole or complete destruction  of a star. 

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